Capture critical videos anytime, anywhere

At National Protective Services Inc., we provide you with the security surveillance you need for complete peace of mind. You will have full access to the daily and nightly activities occurring onsite at all times. We offer the most highly advanced video surveillance and verification systems available in the industry. We offer security cameras that capture  a selection of views ensuring you never miss a moment of what occurs at your property.

Cutting Edge Surveillance Technology

We are proud to offer our world class surveillance verification services to all businesses in Virginia or Maryland. Using state of the art equipment, you will have a detailed view of everything that occurs onsite. In addition, we will provide surveillance verification for all cameras at night, provide mobile patrol response to your job location, and will give you access to detailed reports and video feed of all incidences.


Verification Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Technology Offers:

  • Recorded footage and streaming video
  • Aerial, UAV, or in-vehicle views
  • Advanced analytics
  • License plate recognition
  • Path tracking and people counting
  • Retail transaction overlay
  • 30-day archive of all footage, retention and storage of all incident footage

Affordable Security Solutions

We understand that purchasing all new cameras and equipment can be costly. VSaaS offers you a turn-key, all-inclusive surveillance and security patrol solution for a low monthly subscription cost. Let us show you how we can lower your security costs, increase your coverage, and lock in your security budget.  Contact us at 1(800) 382-2703 for a free, personalized consultation.